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Saturday, 10 March 2018 12:22

Gospels brought to life in new Audio Divina podcast

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0318FrFrankMoloneySDB 150World-renowned biblical scholar Fr Francis J. Moloney SDB AM will be headlining a brand-new prayer podcast, Audio Divina, which was launched on Ash Wednesday.

Produced by the Salesians of Don Bosco media centre in Australia, new episodes will be released each Wednesday of the week, featuring a LectioDivina styled reflection on the coming Sunday’s gospel, as provided by Fr Moloney. 

The aim for the podcast is to “follow each Evangelist’s account of the story of Jesus, week by week, so that we can develop within us the thirst that marks all sincere Christians: to walk the way Jesus walked” according to Fr Moloney.

Fr Moloney is a Salesian who has worked closely with the Gospel texts for many decades. He has taught Biblical Studies in a range of settings, within Australia, Europe, Israel, South East Asia and the USA.

He is the author of many books, both scholarly and popular. He has always had a passion to make the Sacred Texts come to life for those who hunger for the gift that comes to from knowing and understanding the Word of God. The weekly reading of a Gospel text in the Sunday Liturgy offers us an outstanding opportunity for him to share in his expertise and passion.

"With this Podcast we bring you Fr Moloney's reflections on the weekly Gospels so that all Christians might share in that gift," the Salesians say.

"Audio Divina will help bring the sacred texts alive through a medium that is easily accessible to all ages in the modern world.

"The podcast will eventually cover every Sunday reading over years A, B and C of the liturgical calendar, offering a fantastic resource to those who are studying, or simply hunger for the gift that comes from listening and understanding the Word of God."

The podcast will be available on iTunes, Facebook, Spotify and from the Salesian website.