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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 20:08

Audit ranks Holy Family Services among the best

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Dedicated care provider Holy Family Services (HFS) at Marayong has been awarded the highest possible rating for food safety, knowledge and quality. The audit was undertaken by the NSW Food Authority in 2012.

HFS received a perfect score to be ranked among the top five food service providers in NSW. The rating also guarantees HFS accreditation in food service for the next three years.

The CEO of Holy Family Services, Kevin Rocks, said HFS had always been a multicultural aged care provider. “The food preferences of our residents and cooking requirements can be quite varied,” he said.

“We are really proud of the outstanding effort made by all staff members to ensure that our menu not only tastes great, but that our kitchen always meets the highest nutrition, health and safety standards.” 

The audit reviewed the practices, skills and knowledge of all kitchen staff, along with standards for managing temperature control and handling potentially hazardous foods. 

Administration, resource management, clinical and nutritional care, cultural life, and respect for the privacy and dignity of residents were also considered.

“All staff who work in the kitchen at HFS are required to have completed a level one certificate in food safety and are also encouraged to undertake additional training,” Mr Rocks said.

“We invest a lot of time in staff development so having external auditors recognise their skills and hard work is very gratifying.”

The mission to families undertaken by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth is inspired by the belief that God is present in the most simple and ordinary experiences of human life.  

The family is central in the formation of loving persons. Therefore, the sisters adopt a family perspective in all their ministries. 

The enhancement of family relationships is a primary consideration of policies, programs and services. Wherever possible, the sisters strive to change systems that erode family life and support those that empower families.

The legacy of the sisters lives on in old and new ways, meeting the ever-changing needs of families. At Holy Family Services in Marayong, they do it in a practical way serving in the age and childcare facilities with a dedicated management and leadership team.

Some comments from families: 

“To arrive at the home each week to join with the sisters and your staff who all have the same dedication and caring culture, seeing their happy smiling faces, their positive and helpful outlook, has been so personally uplifting for me following the passing of my dear Mother, Aleksandra, earlier this year.” (Halina)

“Both the kids and staff have enjoyed learning about our environment and how we can live sustainably through the new vegetable garden, rainwater tanks and worm farm.”

“Holy Family Services is the ideal childcare provider for our family. The centre is close to our home and primary school and my son really enjoys using the computers.”

In 2013, HFS will investigate the possibility of sharing the success of the facilities kitchen with the broader community in Western Sydney.

“As an aged care provider, HFS is conscious that more support is needed for ageing residents in our area,” Mr Rocks said.

“HFS would like to share our skills and expertise with the community to ensure that all aged residents have access to quality and delicious food in their own homes.”

HFS is currently undertaking a feasibility study to determine the best way to provide such a service to the community. 

About Holy Family Services at Marayong

Holy Family Services is a leading aged care, childcare and education provider with more than 50 years history and experience in the Marayong community.

Established by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth in the 1950s as a means of supporting the Polish community in Australia, Holy Family Services has developed to become a leading multicultural care provider offering aged care and child care.

To find more about the HFS Aged Care and Childcare facilities in Marayong visit: www.holyfamilyservices.com.au 

For more information about the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth go to: www.csfn.org.au 

(Photo: Sr Joanna enjoys ‘Hawaiian Day’ with residents and staff)

This article was  first published in the May 2013 edition of Catholic Outlook, the magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.